Living on Campus

Le Moyne’s residence halls are where lifelong friends have their first conversations. Let’s face it: Where you live is a key part of your college experience. It contributes to who you eat dinner with on a random Tuesday night and who goes with you to the movies on a rainy Saturday. The College’s commitment to educating the whole person is especially seen in its dedication to making students’ on-campus residential experience rich, meaningful and fun. 

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Residence Halls

Supporting Our Residential Students

Le Moyne is a residential campus. Students are required to live in campus housing throughout their four years at the college. Research tells us that the more time students spend on campus, the more successful and satisfied they are with their college experience. Peer mentors, known as RAs and professional staff live in each campus residential space and provide 24/7 support for residents. Chaplains-in-residence are also a part of some of the residential communities. These Jesuit priests and members of the Campus Ministry staff provide a greater depth of support as you address personal, spiritual and academic matters. We take pride in the active, engaged and nurturing atmosphere that is campus life at Le Moyne.

Housing Costs 2019-斗牛棋牌

Traditional Residential Building: 
Double Bedroom (Dablon, Foery, Harrison, Mitchell, Nelligan): $4,400/semester | $8,800/year
Single Bedroom (Foery B-room, Harrison D-and J-rooms, singles in St. Mary's): $5,060/semester |$10,120/year
Apartment Style Building: $4,845/semester | $9,690/year
(Le Moyne Heights, Le Moyne View, Townhouses, Campus Houses)

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Campus Life & Leadership Staff

John Haley, Director of Campus Life and Leadership (315) 445-4520
Ann Bersani, Associate Director of Campus Life and Leadership (315) 445-4520 
Sharon VanDeuson, Administrative Assistant (315) 445-4520

Area Directors

Area directors are professional staff members who reside in each of the College's main residence halls. Responsible for supervision of a resident advisor staff, the area director coordinates all day-to-day operations of their respective residence hall. Other responsibilities include assisting in the development of educational, cultural, recreational and social programs; and serving as assistants in other residence life and student development areas.

Colleen O’Connor, Dablon Hall (315) 445-4519
Matthew Avery, Foery Hall & Campus Houses (315) 445-4250
Evan Davis, Harrison Hall & St. Mary’s Hall (315) 445-4581
Stephen Foster, Nelligan Hall (315) 445-4588
Deirdre Rocklein, Townhouse, Heights, View, Mitchell (315) 445-4520 

Resident Advisors
Resident advisors are a vital component of the residence community. RAs are selected following an intensive screening and selection process and reside on each floor of the residence halls. RAs are responsible for advising and referring students experiencing academic and personal difficulties, understanding and enforcing College policies, and creating a healthy residential environment.

Chaplains In Residence

Rev. Dahlinger, S.J., Dablon Hall
Beth Scanlon, St. Mary's Hall
Rev. Nash, S.J., St. Mary's
Mary Collins, Ph.D., St. Mary's
Rev. Oduke, S.J., Nelligan Hall
Rev. Scully, S.J., Foery Hall