Dolphin 斗牛棋牌s: Pads for the Pod

Le Moyne students have a number of options when it comes to where they live, from traditional dormitory rooms to suites to apartment-style housing. Whichever housing you choose, you can be sure that it will be comfortable and modern, and will match the way you like to work, study, live and play. Residence Halls

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斗牛棋牌Photo Kelly Clemmer

Kelly Clemmer

/ 2016

I am on the Women’s Swimming & Diving team here at Le Moyne College and quite honestly, it is the best decisio

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斗牛棋牌Le Moyne College Student Alice Olom

Alice Olom

/ 2017

Alice Olom's voice is her instrument - and her God-given gift. It is also the way she expresses herself.

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斗牛棋牌Photo Claire Nakoski

Finding Fun in Syracuse, N.Y.

/ 2017

If you attend Le Moyne College, you’ll be lucky enough to find yourself in the rich, diverse, busy community o

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So, What Do Dolphins Eat Anyway?

There are lots of choices on campus, from the Dolphin Den, with a grill and coffee shop, to the LaCasse Dining Center, which has everything from pizza to vegetarian options to 斗牛棋牌-style entrees. Dining Options

"I firmly believe that we have been blessed to be able to spend time here. That in the grand scheme of life, in a world full of billions of people and thousands of Colleges, we found Le Moyne." - Luke Baker ’12, 2012 Commencement Address